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Stakeholder General Considerations Specific Issues BMPs Costs* Examples in Watershed Suggestions/Models
Resident stormwater riparians volume rain barrels, rain gardens, reducing impervious surfaces, water reuse a 60-gallon rain barrel can cost $100, but can be constructed for less if barrel is donated, costs for other BMPs can vary Rain garden workshop at Elkhart Environmental Center Downspout Disconnection programs, rain barrel construction workshops, new development ordinances, homeowner kit through Realtor
. . quality native plants reduced costs for fertilizer, pesticides and water than conventional plants Wild Ones Native Landscapers many native landscaping resources
. . . fertilizer/pesticide use .

MSU Super Soils Days

MDA Pesticide Advisory Committee

educate applicators
. . . education on and proper disposal of hazardous materials, vehicle maintenance education pamphlets = $100/hour for development, $0.1 - $0.2/pamphlet for printing, $0.3/pamphlet for mailing; curb stenciling = $6/stencil for application, $1/stencil for inspection, $2/stencil for maintenance . targeted education, e.g., auto shows for oil disposal
. . . pick up pet waste . City of Memphis education materials
. septic systems . pretreatment, clustered systems, inspections, identification of failing systems septic inspections = $100/hour; pumping $100-$150/tank plus disposal septic use assessment, regulations for temporary storage vessels
. riparian areas streambank stabalization soft engineering, native plantings . . CMI-funded Kalamazoo River projects
. . delivery of pollutants to surface water fertilizer use/soil sampling . MSU Super Soils Days educate applicators
. . riparian vegetation native plants . Wild Ones Native Landscapers .
Preservation Interests habitat (forest, wetland, prairie) exotic species landscaping education, boater education, restrictions on sales of invasive species at garden centers . SWMLC .
. . land preservation donations to land trust, conservation easements, PDR, natural features inventory, zoning . regional planning, identification of contiguous areas/high quality areas, Friends watershed wide coordinator, partnership of townships with land conservancies to facilitate sales of land
. agricultural land (see below) . . . . .
. recreation (swimming, fishing, boating, hunting) river access . . definition of navigable streams
Agriculture crops wind erosion wind break plantings . Farm Bill Programs distribution of free, fast growing, non invasive plantings
. . soil runoff tillage practices, cover crops, filter strips . Friends provide mini-grants for BMPs
. tile drainage timing of manure application . . Nutrient Management Plans, MAEAP identify location of historic tiles
. groundwater contamination chemical containment facilities . . Paw Paw River Van Buren County Section 319 Project, 1995 .
. livestock access to streams exclusion, watering structures . pasture walks, LaGrange County Section 319 Project .
. . manure management Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans . .
. preservation loss of land to residential development purchase of development rights, conservation easements, zoning . Wood-Land-Lakes RC&D buyer-seller network
Municipalities, Road/Drain Commissioners, Planners development runoff during construction soil erosion guidance $100/hour for plan review; various prices for erosion control equipment Indiana Small Site Guidance Center for Watershed Protection model ordinances
. . increase in imperviosness stormwater BMPs, basin inlet structures, permeable surfaces, low impact development

low impact development plans = $100/hour for development, $100/manual for printing, $25,000 - 40,000 for planning roundtable

ordinances = $150/hour for development, $200/hour for legal review, $500/public meeting

. . loss of floodplains and wetlands delineate clearly . Fabius Township Greenprint density bonuses for developers preserving sensitive areas, zoning to protect small wetlands when connected to surface waters
. . buffer loss riparian setbacks . . ordinances to protect buffers and show locations in deeds
. . pathogen loading source identification/elimination . WISE Project City of Memphis microbial source study
. transportation road salts alternative compounds, capture of snowmelt alternatives can cost $200 - $650/ton . .
. . road-stream crossings identification and repair, MESBOA techniques . Road-Stream Crossing Subcommittee tracking tools, formalize procedures
. . road runoff street sweeping, catch basin cleaning sweeping = $65/curb mile (excluding disposal costs); cleaning = $10-$40/basin (including disposal) . .
. NPDES PII education requirements . see pamphlets and storm drain stenciling above Lower St. Joe WMP (Berrien and Cass Counties) .
. . CSOs elimination stream reach characterizations, no new connections rule, WISE project .
. . illicit connection detection and elimination surveys and elimination $2,800/lineal mile of closed sewer, $600/building, $1-2/lineal foot for TV inspection Lower St. Joe WMP (Berrien and Cass Counties) ordinance requiring connection of floor drains to sanitary sewer

*Cost data from Rogue River Program Office.