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These include known Section 319, 205(j) and LARE grant-funded projects.
  • A Watershed Management Plan and Engineering Feasibility Study have been completed for Juday Creek.
  • The Elkhart County SWCD has developed a Diagnostic Study for Dry Run, Whetten Ditch and Solomon Creek, through the LARE program.
  • The Michiana Area Council of Governments prepared a management plan for Baugo Creek/Wistler Ditch (PDF).
  • A 205(j) grant was issued to Elkhart County to prepare a watershed management plan for Heaton Lake/Peterbaugh Creek Watershed.
  • A 319 project will be started on the Pigeon River Watershed in LaGrange County.
  • A LARE project is ongiong in the Turkey Creek Watershed by the Steuben, LaGrange, DeKalb and Noble SWCDs.
  • Several LARE projects have been conducted on lakes in Steuben, LaGrange and Kosciusko Counties.

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management has awarded 319 grants to county wide and regional projects as well as to subwatersheds.
View IDEM 319 projects by region at their website.
Current IDEM 319 grants, not specific to a subwatershed, include:

  • Elkhart County Commissioners, Problematic Domestic Waste Disposal. The goal of this project is to identify watersheds in Elkhart County impaired by failing or absent septic systems. This has led to the development of a Watershed Management Plan for Lower Yellow Creek.
  • Michiana Area Council of Governments, Educational Materials on Land Use Changes, including Construction, and NPS Pollution.
  • Pheasants Forever, Wetlands, Prairies and Vegetative Restoration Projects in the St. Joseph River Watershed
  • LaGrange County SWCD, Cost-share for Filter Strips, Alternative Watering Systems and Fencing for Livestock. This 319 grant was used to hire a staff to work in LaGrange, Steuben, Elkhart, Noble, St. Joseph and Kosciusko Counties.
  • WISE Project: Developing an E. coli model for the St. Joseph River, a partnership of the Cities of South Bend, Mishawaka and Elkhart.
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