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St. Joseph River
Watershed Management Plan
ning Project

Located in the southwest portion of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan and the northern portion of Indiana, the St. Joseph River Watershed spans the Michigan-Indiana border and empties into Lake Michigan at St. Joseph/Benton Harbor, Michigan. Being a bi-state watershed, little coordinated effort concerning its management has been undertaken. A unique opportunity now exists to unite a range of often independent or disjunct interests in a manner that offers flexibility to a broad range of stakeholders with a common purpose. A Watershed Management Plan for the St. Joseph River basin will be prepared through funding by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. It will include not only multiple jurisdictions in Michigan, but unites interests in both Michigan and Indiana, a mission heretofore not attempted for this significant river system. The Friends of the St. Joe River Association, Inc. is the lead organization for this watershed management effort. The Association was established in April, 1994 for the purpose of joining communities in the watershed into a concerted effort to protect and restore the river's natural resources. KIESER & ASSOCIATES of Kalamazoo, Michigan is providing technical services and website design and programming for this project.

Click on the "Work Plan & Tasks" button at the left to review the actions envisioned for the project. The blue box below identifies the specific tasks in the Work Plan. The underlined task numbers have been completed or are currently being worked on, and provide links to additional information.


View the state guidelines for the development of a Watershed Management Plan:
Michigan, Indiana

The USEPA has developed new guidelines for Watershed Management Plans, referred to as the USEPA 9 Elements. The Rocky River Watershed (MI) Management Plan has been approved for the 9 Elements.


Project Work Plan delivered at the St. Joseph River Basin Commission Meeting in December 2002 by Mark Kieser.

Status of the project as of May 2003 delivered at the Third Annual Indiana/Michigan St. Joseph River Basin Symposium by Nicole Ott.

Status of the project as of April 2004 delivered at the Fourth Annual Indiana/Michigan St. Joseph River Basin Symposium by Mark Kieser.
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Work Products Organized by Work Plan Task

Task 1: Steering Committee Formation and Background Information Collection
Task 2: Drainage Basin Characterization
Task 3: Identification of Critical Areas/Needs
Task 4: Prioritization of Concerns
Task 5: Identify Improvement Opportunities
Task 6: Information Dissemination & Communication
Task 7: Public Education/Participation
Task 8: Watershed Management Plan Development
This project has been funded wholly or in part by the USEPA under assistance agreement C99754702. The contents of the document do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the USEPA, nor does the mention of trade names or commercial products constitute endorsement or recommendation for use (40 CFR 30.518 1e).