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Berrien CountyVan Buren CountyKalamazoo CountyCalhoun CountySt. Joseph CountyCass CountyBranch CountyHillsdale County

Presettlement land cover type downloaded from Michigan Center for Geographic Information by county.
Counties were mosaiced together and clipped by the St. Joseph River Watershed boundary.
Area of each land cover type was calculated. Total wetlands are a combination of Black Ash Swamp,
Mixed Conifer Swamp, Mixed Hardwood Swamp, Muskeg/Bog and Shrub Swamp/Emergent Marsh.
Symbols on map above to identify locations of Niles, Three Rivers and Coldwater, for reference points.

Land Cover Type Percent of Watershed
Beech-Sugar-Maple Forest 32
Oak-Hickory Forest 19
Mixed Oak Savanna 19
Mixed Hardwood Swamp 6
Shrub Swamp/ Emergent Marsh 5
Black Oak Barren 5
Total Wetlands 14.7