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Task 7. Education
Subcommittee Members
Korie Bachleda
MSU Extension, St. Joseph County, MI
Sally Carpenter
MSU Extension, St. Joseph County, MI
Marcy Colclough
SW Michigan Commission
Ray Leising
Friends of the St. Joe River Association
Karen Mackowiak
MACOG/St. Joseph River Basin Commission
Sarah VanDelfzijl
St. Joseph County Conservation District (MI)
August 12, 2003 Meeting Summary

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"Septic Systems 1-2-3", produced by the Michiana Area Council of Governments in 2002. Complimentary copy from the Michiana Area Council of Governments and the St. Joseph River Basin Commission at 227 W. Jefferson Blvd., #1120, South Bend, IN 46601-1830 or by calling 574-287-1829. This tape was produced with a Clean Water Act 319 grant and has a running time just under 12 minutes.

EPA is pleased to announce the publication and release of a new guide entitled "Getting in Step: Engaging and Involving Stakeholders in Your Watershed." The guide, which is the second in the popular "Getting in Step" series, features information on how to generate interest and participation in watershed assessment, planning, and management. A web-based version of the new guide (along with the previous "Guide to Effective Outreach in Your Watershed") is posted on the EPA's server