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Berrien CountyVan Buren CountyKalamazoo CountyCalhoun CountySt. Joseph CountyCass CountyBranch CountyHillsdale County

Click on each county for a more detailed view of the mapped wetlands.
The following table lists acres of Michigan wetlands in the St. Joseph Watershed, by wetland class.

Wetland Type Acres
Emergent 57,590
Forested 139,399
Unconsolidated Bottom 53,550
Scrub-Shrub 34,358
Aquatic Bed 2,621
Open Water/Unknown Bottom 562
Total 288, 440

In contrast to the above table, 1990s land cover data from the USGS National Land Cover Data Set, indicates that
only 172,000 acres of wetland remain in the entire watershed (6% of watershed); that's both Indiana and Michigan.
The above figure, 288,440, only includes those St. Joseph River Watershed wetlands in Michigan.
Michigan presettlement land cover indicates that wetlands covered 14.7% of the watershed (in Michigan).

These data were produced by the USFWS National Wetlands Inventory and downloaded from the Michigan Center for
Geographic Information
. They have not been ground truthed and may not acurately portray local variations.
These data should not be relied upon solely for wetland delineations or permitting.

Indiana Wetlands (Click on the left or right side of the map to zoom in. Cities shown on resulting map.)


Wetland GIS shapefile downloaded from the Indiana Geological Survey, and developed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
National Wetlands Inventory. The shapefile was clipped by the watershed boundaries.

Density of Wetlands in Indiana Counties in the Watershed. Go to the IDEM website
for a map of all counties and a table of wetland acreages by county.