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Task 5. Identification of Improvement Opportunities &
Task 8. Watershed Management Plan
Items in these two tasks overlapped substantially and were, thus, combined on one page.

A Watershed Management Plan consists of many elements which lay out priorities for protecting water resources. The plan is currently under development. A vision and mission statement for the plan have been developed.

A survey of ordinances and land use planning options to protect the St. Joseph River Watershed has been conducted. Click here to read it or click on the map below to review site specific recommendations. The "Jump To" menu at the bottom of the page also provides shortcuts to land cover specific portions of the text. A summary table of links to additional information has also been developed and is referenced in the text.

A menu of BMPs to apply to various pollutant sources has been developed. The menu includes examples from within the watershed, where applicable, and links to model ordinances/bmps from outside the watershed. Downloadthe menu (xls format) or view as a web page (html format).

An index of individual BMPs is available on the MDEQ website.

Funding sources for nonpoint source projects have been compiled by the IDEM.

Catalog of Funding Sources for Watershed Protection, USEPA

Goals and Objectives to be discussed at the January 7, 2005 Steering Committee Meeting.

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