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Mechanisms for Watershed Protection Table

"Indiana" and "Michigan" columns include programs applicable to the St. Joseph River watershed or that state as a whole.

. Indiana Michigan General/Model
purchase of state lands Indiana Heritage Trust MDNR Natural Resources Trust Fund .

farmland preservation

purchase of development rights

IN NRCS Farmland and Ranchland Protection Program

Wood-Land-Lakes brochure, covers both states

Defining Prime Agricultural Land and Methods of Protection, Purdue Extension

MDA Farmland and Open Space Preservation Program

MDA Agriculture Preservation Fund

Michigan Purchase of Development Rights, Conservation Fund

Michigan Farmland Protection, Conservation Fund

Zoning Techniques for Farmland Preservation in VanBuren County (also on Hillsdale County web)

American Farmland Trust, article on first easement in midwest in Grand Traverse County

article from American Farmland Trust PDR database

Grand Traverse area Record Eagle Article (Antrim and Grand Traverse Counties)


state revolving loan funds

IDEM information

MDEQ information

Funding Nonpoint Source Activities with the Clean Water State Revolving Fund, USEPA (PDF)
farming certification/ awards River Friendly Farmer MAEAP .
septics Rural Wastewater Task Force . .
CAFOs state rule . .
land use planning

Indiana Land Use Consortium

Indiana Land Resources Council (Office of the Commissioner of Agriculture)

What Michigan Wants Visual Preference Survey

Michigan Land Use Leadership Council

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy (research on land use planning and sprawl)
erosion and sediment control

Small Site Erosion and Sediment Control Guidance, IDNR

Indiana Rule 5

2003 Training Manual, MDEQ Center for Watershed Protection Model Ordinances
stormwater management Indiana Stormwater Quality Manual, IDNR, Division of Soil Conservation, currently being updated . City of Memphis Stormwater Ordinance
model ordinances in general .

Hillsdale County Community Center Land Use Planning Tools and Techniques (also on Van Buren County web)

Center for Watershed Protection Model Ordinances

USEPA webpage

impervious cover as zoning overlay . Longmeadow Development

University of Delaware article on using imperviousness for zoning

Puget Sound Online Low Impact Development

stormwater utility fee "Authority for Local Stormwater User Fees in Indiana", Indiana University Bolt v. Lansing Manuals on Utility Creation, An Internet Guide to Financing Stormwater Management, Center for Urban Policy and the Environment at Indiana University-Purdue University
watershed based permits . Michigan General NPDES Stormwater Permit USEPA information

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